Master Workshop with Ballroom LEGENDS!!

Please join us this coming Wednesday, Sept. 12th for a group class with Ballroom Legends, Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini!

Everyone can teach you figures, many can teach you great techniques, but only few can teach you how to dance with charisma and emotion that ultimately draw people in. Ballroom has become athletic over years but we cannot forget that it is still an ART. Come learn from an amazing coaches how to become a beautiful dancer who inspires others and gives a reason to keep dancing!

Price is ONLY $50 per person or $40 per person if you come as a couple. It is a great opportunity (and a deal!) to work with dancers/coaches who has mastered not only the technique but also the artistry of dance. As an added bonus, Massimo and Alessia will be teaching together so you can learn from both leader and follower aspect!!!